WAC+ Educator Resources

Non-traditional Communication Assignments

Non-traditional Communication Assignments – WAC+ Workshop
Workshop Slides (2 Aug 2018)   |   Workshop Slides (21 Feb 2017)   |   Resources Handout

Teaching Oral Communication

Teaching Oral Communication in Science  – WAC+ Workshop
Workshop Slides   |   Resources Handout

Providing Feedback on Writing

Providing Effective Feedback on Writing Assignments – WAC+ Workshop
Workshop Slides   |   Resources Handout

Teaching Succinct and Accurate Science Writing – WAC+ Workshop
Workshop Slides (Nov 23)   |   Resources Handout

Supporting Scholarly Writing: Strategies from Systemic Functional Linguistics (Dr. Alfredo Ferreira) – WAC+ Guest Workshop
Workshop Slides

Assignment and Assessment Design

Writing Assignment and Assessment Design – WAC+ Workshop
Workshop Slides   |   Resources Handout

Putting Writing to Work: Designing Authentic and Effective Assignments (Dr. Anthony Paré)  – WAC+ Guest Workshop
Workshop Slides

Writing Assignment Design  – WAC+ Community of Practice Resource
Resources Handout

Strategies for Student Success – WAC+ Workshop
Workshop Slides   |   Resources Handout

Resources for Your Students

Common Grammar Mistakes Handout – A list of common grammar mistakes and how to fix them. Available as both a PDF and Word document so you can adapt them to fit your students’ needs. DOC, PDF