Grading and Providing Feedback

Grading student papers with efficiency is a vital skill for instructors to hone, but providing effective feedback on these papers is every bit as important. Without detailed, personal feedback, students may feel as though their efforts have gone unnoticed, and, more importantly, they may not know how to address conceptual weaknesses in future work. However, instructors and TA’s have limited time available for grading, especially when teaching large classes.

In this podcast, we hear from two instructors with experience in balancing the grading load and providing feedback effectively and efficiently. They pass on their own tips to adopt or adapt, and also discuss other best-practice ideas to help plan how to provide feedback after grading different types of assignments.

We have created two complementary resources that include useful, summary tips that may prove helpful in shaping your grading and feedback plans, and in designing and calibrating rubrics to limit grading queries when the papers are already piled high on your desk. These are both available to download once you have contacted a site administrator here. Once you have provided your details (including a verifiable academic institution email address) you will receive a password that will enable you to download the materials.